After a bit of a firestorm from consumers, Apple appears to have agreed to allow refunds to those customers who bought the Breaking Bad final season passes on iTunes. The problem came about after AMC decided to break apart the final season of Breaking bad into two parts. This caused a problem with iTunes, because it only allowed customers who bought the season pass, to see the first half of the season. Apple was then sued by a number of Breaking Bad fans, they claimed that Apple did not market the season pass correctly. If you purchased the season pass, then you should be entitled to a refund, this according to a report from MacRumors.
As I mentioned before the 16 episodes that were intended to become the final and fifth season were split into two parts, this meant you had to buy part one, and part of the season pass (something that normally would never happen in a season pass scenario).
According to an email from Apple, the company apologized to its customers and stated that there was confusion over ‘Season 5′ and ‘The Final Season’ for the highly-anticipated season(s) of Breaking Bad. The email then offered an iTunes code in the amount of $22.99, that amount would cover the “Final Season” of Breaking Bad, but you can also use it on anything else that you want from iTunes, since the season is now almost over.