PS4-Hardware-InsertSony made quite a splash at the Tokyo Game show this week, detailing more information on the PS4 and how games from the PS3 and PS Vita will make their way into the next generation. It was Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, who made the announcements at the event to the sound of roaring applause from the crowd.
During the event Yoshida discussed the new cloud-streaming aspect of the PS4 and the PS Vita TV. In the near future, Sony will launch a new library of PlayStation 3 titles via its Gaikai cloud-gaming service. Sony acquired the popular cloud-gaming, Gaikai, last year in preparations for the PS4 launch though hadn’t discussed the service in detail until now.
Another confirmation from Yoshida was that the games will be available to play on the PS4, and they will also be playable on the PS Vita and the newly announced PS Vita TV. This should be welcoming news for PS3 owners, since the new PS4 won’t be able to play PS3 discs.
Other announcements for the PS4 came from Sony game division chief Andrew House, who said the company aims to sell five million units by the end of this fiscal year (March 31, 2014). If you were hoping to record video via HDMI cable the you should be happy once again, it was announced that the PS4 will support video capture over HDMI, a feature that was not available to the PS3. Another feature that wasn’t available on the PS3 that will be available on the PS4 comes from the PS4 camera, that device will now support commands via voice, and will also have face recognition software. More information on those functions will be detailed at a later date.
The new PlayStation App will hit smartphones later this year as well, allowing users to check updates from friends, manage social aspects like friend requests, or send messages. There will be other features built into the application as well, a full press-release will be sent out before launch.
You will also have the chance to use real-name ID’s for the first time, a feature that older gamers, or social gamers might find inviting. “Basically so far, PSN ID can be available under PS4, but there is a way we decided to do real name registration, is because we wanted to encourage casual users to join our world,” Ito said via a translator on stage. “The hardcore users didn’t mind using an anonymous name, but when casual users get a request from an anonymous name, do you think they’d accept it quickly? I think not.”
more info on pre-ordering and launch details can be found @ amazon/ps4