The classic novel ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’ will be getting a new adaptation for television according to reports. Disney is set to bring the story to ABC in a new show called ‘Esmeralda’. Of course fans should remember the 1996 Disney animated feature ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame,’ though this one will be live-action.
Now Disney and ABC are set to develop Esmeralda, using the story of The Hunchback as a backdrop but centering on the beautiful gypsy as the lead the character. This according to Deadline who first reported the series. Writing the series is Evan Daugherty, who also worked on the Killing Season, Snow White and the Huntsman, and the upcoming series Divergent. Though recently Daugherty has made headlines as the writer for being the writer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film starring Megan Fox as April O’Neil.
All of these storybook shows are the product of ABC’s incredibly popular series ‘Once Upon A Time,’ that is dominating the ratings and has already created its own spinoff set to debut this year called ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’. We do not expect that Demi Moore nor Kevin Kline will be in this new series however, which is a shame.