Few can doubt that Marvel has been dominating the big-screen since Disney took the helm four years ago, but now Disney wants to expand Marvel’s influence on the small-screen, and Disney will be using its own ABC network to do it.
We are just days away from Marvel’s newest adventure on television ‘Agents of SHIELD’ (premiering September 24), and before that even airs Marvel is getting ready to shoot another drama for television. The potential TV series in question will be based on Agent Carter, talks are still underway and there hasn’t been a definite shooting-schedule but we have confirmed that this will be the next project to move into the final stages (and hopefully make it to series).
Agent Carter already has a great lead, the leading character is currently part of the September 24 ‘Iron Man 3 Blu-ray Edition’, a special feature for fans that buy the copy. The story of Agent Carter happens one-year after ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and features the girlfriend of favorite hero Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans). That girlfriend, Agent Carter (portrayed by Hayley Atwell) is just starting out as a secret agent. Atwell has not officially signed onto the role, though it would be expected that Marvel would want the actor if the company receives a positive response to the short-film on Blu-ray.
All of this would allow a perfect series to follow Agents of SHIELD in the ABC line-up, and will certainly help promote Marvel’s upcoming film ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’ One can even imagine Chris Evans showing up with his shield during the season finale, just days before the movie is set to release.
Now you can take it one step further, ABC is also home to the extremely popular series ‘Revenge,’ starring Emily VanCamp. That is the same actor that will be playing the role of Agent 13 (Agent Carter’s niece) in the new Captain America Movie. So in the first season, Agent Carter can bring two movie stars from the upcoming movie, cross-promote another show, and tie-in its newest series ‘Agents of SHIELD’ all in one initial season. Then you can image how well they could extend the movie plot in season two.