The Infinity Blade III series is one of the crown jewels of mobile gaming. Created by Chair Entertainment, the last installment came out almost two-years ago. Now fans can download Infinity Blade III ($6.99/£4.99) and get started on what should be the most exciting, and largest, of the trilogy.
This will be the final chapter for the Infinity Blade series, though Chair’s success with the game is sure to spawn another IP in the future. The game has been an exclusive up until now, something that has been a thorn to Android users, and something that should end with this final installment.
The game was designed to put the new iPhone 5s through its paces, taking advantage of the new 64-bit architecture. The game is available on other devices besides the 5s though, iOS devices running 6.0 or higher should have no trouble at all playing the game. There are a ton of new features, controls, details and extras in this new installment as well. You can checkout the game for yourself and start taking back your title as true swordsman of th land by checking out the official product page on iTunes below.
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