Meet the NASA Astronauts that helped make Gravity horrifically realistic

When dealing with what could go wrong during a planned shuttle mission to outer-space, you don’t have to add aliens, sci-fi themes or other Hollywood magic to make it scary, it can be terrifying just as it is.
That’s the theme behind ‘Gravity,’ a Warner Bros. movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney that follows the story of two astronauts on a spacewalk assignment. That planned spacewalk goes horribly wrong of course, and the movie is a rescue operation of sorts in order to bring everyone home alive.

As if being Bullock or Clooney, or any A-List Hollywood actor wasn’t great enough, they also got to meet two real-life heroes, NASA Astronauts Dr. Cady Coleman and Dr. Michael Massimino. The interview gives some great insight on the film’s theme but also the life of an Astronaut in general. With all the dreams we shared of going to the moon, it can be hard to remember what it’s like for the families that get left behind, a point that both the astronauts in the interview and the movie hopes to drive home.