Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-Acc-IndertLet’s assume that you have always wanted to be more open about your passionate desires for an S&M lifestyle, but you needed a socially accepted way to pass them off. Now you can, thanks in large part to E.L. James and designer Janet Cadsawan, the duo have collaborated to created a new Fifty Shades of Grey Fine Jewelry Collection.
From earrings molded after riding crops, to a bangle made to resemble a handcuff, there’s a little something for everyone. Not ready for a handcuff bangle? That’s not a problem thanks to the key scrolled necklace that can be your little secret. You can pick from two colors, lighter or darker and the items cost anywhere from $100 to $200 a pop. The designers have worked on themed collections before and usually offer a pretty great range of choices.
There’s no shortage of really great S&M styled accessories out there, but if you loved the book, then you might want to checkout the collection. We are sure they will sell like hotcakes once the movie is released. If, somehow, you need to read the book, you can check it out below.
more info:, amazon/fiftyshadesofgrey