All eyes are on Valve and the company’s future plans to integrate hardware into long list of services, this following remarks that Gabe Newell made earlier today. Valve has long championed the idea of a home-console running on Linux, and the company might be close to unveiling the hardware this month.
The remarks from Valve co-founder Gabe Newell were in reference to the “future” of gaming. Newell gave a keynote at LinuxCon 2013 earlier today (Monday) stating that Valve will detail the plans for “hardware opportunities” and the outline to bring a Linux “into the living room” as early as next week.
The first confirmation that Valve was working on what has become known as the ‘STEAM Box’ was back in CES 2013, almost a year ago now. The idea behind the STEAM box on Valve’s end would be to create a working prototype, then sell or give out that working unit’s design so that other hardware manufacturers could design their own. Newell talked about the challenges that his team must overcome like “thermal issues” or “sound issues,” he also added the problem that “a lot of input issues” would create for manufacturers. You can watch Newell’s entire presentation above.