Fans of the hit PS3 title ‘Heavy Rain’ have been waiting a long time for Quantic Dreams’ follow-up, this one called ‘Beyond Two Souls’. A new 60-second, extended version of the “Guilt” TV spot has been uploaded to the internet to allow fans to get a new look at the game.
After attending the game’s panel at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, I personally couldn’t be more excited for the title. In a recent blog post on the Playstation blog Derek Osgood, the Associate Product Marketing Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America stated, “In this spot, we set out with a couple of different goals. We wanted to give viewers a snapshot of Jodie’s story through a series of flashbacks, by highlighting some of the stunning situations she’s going to be thrust into by her mysterious connection with the entity, Aiden. Ultimately, we want you to get a sense for the incredible scope and diversity of Jodie’s journey, while understanding the touching and emotional experience that Beyond: Two Souls is going to provide.”

It doesn’t take long before the trailer begins to unfold the points that the trailer was trying to make. Osgood added, “The story itself is also told non-chronologically, so really, to fully understand the Beyond’s story, you’re going to have to play it for yourself.”
The demo will be available on October 1st, and Sony reminds players that a pre-order at GameStop will get you a bonus upgrade to the Special Edition below.
more info: amazon/beyondtwosouls