It’s the number one position that every cast-member hopes to get, even if you have to share it with a co-anchor, it’s anchor on Weekend Update. You are guaranteed to have your own segment every week, your skits are often the best and you get more airtime than anyone else (other than the host) and Cecily Strong is the next to take a turn at anchoring the segment.
Talking to the NYT Lorne Michaels stated, “Cecily, from the first show, was right there,” adding, “She exploded.” This only her second year on the show, though she has had some popular spots on Weekend Update in the past. ‘Annoying Girl at the Party You Don’t Want to Talk to’ was quite popular and that was with Seth Meyers as well.
Strong will join Weekend Update on the season premiere on Sept. 28. As for Meyers, he will be leaving in January after taking over Jimmy Fallon’s show as he moves to the Tonight Show.