Not even Britney Spears can protect her single from leaking early, the pop-princess announced earlier this morning that her new song “Work Bit**” was found on torrent sites. The song is available on most torrent sites already, though the content is of low-quality. The single was scheduled to release this Monday.
The 31 year-old singer and her management and record company decided to release a high-quality version of the single to combat piracy. The radio premiere of the song will go ahead as scheduled. Now fans can listen to song early thanks to Spears uploading the song to both Vevo and YouTube. Unlike the “Applause” leake last month that had Lady Gaga bumping her song’s release on the week as Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, it doesn’t seem like Spears has anything to gain from the day-early release of her song.
More on the new single and other albums from Britney Spears is available on her official product page on iTunes at itunes/britneyspears