Most savvy online shoppers know the ins-and-outs of Amazon, as well as other high-profile online retailers. There is still a large population of shoppers though that fail to look past the daily promotions and banner-ads of the exact item they may be shopping for and will miss the massive collection that is Amazon’s Online Warehouse.

If you are fairly new to the service, then we can fill you in on the secret. Amazon Warehouse Deals, it is nestled deep within Amazon’s online mega-site, it is still part of and it features heavily marked down items that have been returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished. Amazon itself decides if these products are in good condition and they have to pass a QA test to be sold. The items simply can’t be sold as “new” so Amazon cuts the prices down by a large margin and they appear in the warehouse.

“Don’t be mistaken, Amazon also states that the Warehouse also offers “products in new and open-box condition.” Those are crown jewels of the sale-section”

It’s the backwall of Jcrew, the outlets, the backpage, or the clearance aisle, and you can find some truly great items that you may (or may not have) been shopping for. All of the items are broken down by category, from Laptops to cell-phones, from shoes to cookware, you can find almost every category of item from Amazon’s regular store also in the warehouse.

Now since these items are extremely limited, sizes and exact models of laptops for example, won’t be available every day, or in the full array that they would be in the regular online section. As I mentioned before though, most of these items are marked down heavily, and you can still get great deals on shipping and Amazon sold products can still use PRIME shipping, so you can save even more.

Now when you are buying refurbished, or anything but new, it’s understandable that you may have some reservations. That’s why we were happy to learn that Warehouse deals are treated like other purchases from Amazon, the company even states, “All purchases are backed by Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee.” That means simply, “If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you can return the item in accordance with Amazon’s return policy.” If you are somehow new to Amazon you should know that the company offers one of the best return policies in the business.

Now if you want a warranty, that’s different. The used products often do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but again they are backed by the Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee. You can also purchase warranties from Square Trade to cover certain items, this is perfect if you found a terrific deal, but want it covered for a few extra bucks. Giant items like Macbook Pros, some TVs, or large equipment would be the perfect categories for this kind of coverage. The shoes that you like for $5.99, or the earbuds for $9.99 you can probably risk not getting a warranty and stick with the return policy.

Since the items change every day, you can take a quick browse from work or just on the weekend to monitor inventory, all with a simple bookmark. I would list the awesome items I found today, but odds are they would be gone by the time you read this article. So bookmark the site and checkout some of the categories, it can be a great site to hit when you need a gift for a co-worker, a niece’s graduation, or just a regular surprise for yourself. You can checkout the official details and all of the categories on the official Amazon Warehouse page below.

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