Apparently the only thing that can make comic-book fans more upset than Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman in the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel is if Justin Bieber is somehow involved in the film as well.
Justin-Bieber-Man-of-Steel-2Die-hard comic-book fans also just heard the news that Glee star Grant Gustin will be the Flash in the new CW series that is a spinoff of the popular CW series ‘Arrow’. Just hours after that headline, Justin Bieber uploaded a photo on Instragram that shows the singer holding a “Bieber” marked version of the script for Warner Bros’ upcoming Man Of Steel sequel. The script even states “Batman vs. Superman” and “Based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson”.)
Bieber then added the hashtag “#robin ??”. This picture went two directions, fans of Bieber where elated at the news, while other fans of the series pretty much exploded with rage. Now this isn’t a confirmation in the slightest that Bieber will be playing a role in the film, he could be performing on the soundtrack, playing in a cameo, taking a smaller role as a musician in the film, or a million other possibilities. It could also just be an elaborate scheme to upset the world.
Odds are, if Bieber was actually involved in the film, Warner Bros. would have had the image removed seconds after it posted. Some people just want to watch the world burn.