Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new video for the upcoming title DRIVECLUB, the company stated the video is a “showcase for the dynamic shift in the time of day set against the stunning Salar de Surire in Chile between 18:00 – 21:00.”
The game still has a long way to go before it is complete, Sony states that although, “DRIVECLUB is still in development,” and reminds viewers that, “this is only a youtube video, so the image quality you can see does not reflect the final quality of the game.”
Since the game is still being “optimised” you may notice the devs “replacing the placeholder balloons released by the crowd” and “making sure the backfire sound effects are audible”. The video above was captured with the game’s on-screen display and soundtrack turned off, and the game’s time of day is accelerated, which is something you can set-up in the game, by 30x. The video “Shows DRIVECLUB being played on PS4 with an officially supported Thrustmaster steering wheel.”
We are in the final stretch before the launch of the PS4, if you were smart enough to pre-order one then you will be playing on a new console in about 8 weeks, if not then you might want to think about pulling the trigger and at least pre-ordering one to get on the list.
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