We are currently living through a zombie infestation, not of actual zombies but of zombie-related material. They are everywhere, in our theaters, on our TVs and in our books and ads. Just like on most games and films, not all zombies are created equal, some are terrifying and some are terrible.
I enjoy zombies in games, I like the idea of shooting something supernatural, rather than other soldiers or living humans. I also love the horror genre, from classics to ‘Sharktapus’, I give everything a try and love what each of the two bring to the table. I approach every media-related zombie project with the same expectations, I want to see something new and something enjoyable. Now those are my only two standards but finding something great at those two simple-rules isn’t easy to come by.
So when Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent me the information on ‘Dying Light’ I was excited and reserved at the same time. They had contacted me to let me (and in extension you) know about the “Be the Zombie” pre-order for bonus for Dying Light. That is a reward for fans in North America who pre-order the action survival game. As the publisher stated, “Reserving the game early is the only way at launch to get the mode which allows gamers to play as deadly predators and engage in the game’s only PvP mode.” That’s not why I was excited to write about the game though. I was excited for this…
That is a terrifying Zombie, but more so the look of the game really caught my eye. There are the open-world stylings that are typical of an online game, (mostly the gorgeous set-pieces set in a far off distance (that you may, or may not, travel too at one point) that seem to be just as common in this game as others; but it was the soft sunlight in the game that was encouraging and interesting to see. It’s easy to throw players into a darkened warehouse, the sewers, or the spooky ol’ power plant, but to make a terrifying game that’s outside in broad daylight takes some skill. It’s been done before of course, (L4D, Walking Dead, Dead Rising) but this game looks to be uniquely painted with a soft glow that I think looks fantastic in the screens. Incidentally, this game is made by Techland, the same developer that worked on ‘Dead Rising: Riptide’ for Deep Silver.
Now the reason that the game is called Dying Light is because it offers a FPS-survival title with a very important day-night cycle. As I said this game is being developed by by Techland (Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, and Call of Juarez to name a few of their previous works) so they have done Zombies in the past. This time around though the game will be developed for Xbox One and the PS4 (also for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC). This means that the game has the potential to offer some terrific graphics, along with new gameplay elements on the newer consoles. Whether or not that happens won’t be known until we get our hands on the game but the idea of new mechanics is promising.
Going back to the gameplay, players will scavenge in the daytime through “an expansive urban environment overrun by a vicious outbreak, scavenging the world for supplies and crafting weapons to defend against the growing infected population.” At night, “the infected become aggressive and more dangerous. Most frightening are the predators which only appear after sundown. Players must use everything in their power to survive until the morning’s first light.” So it’s your standard scary-night setting, nothing breaking new ground but if done well it could be an excellent co-op title or solo adventure.
As for that pre-order bonus I mentioned earlier it’s called “Be the Zombie,” and it allows players in the PvP game-mode to “stalk other players as a night hunter, a lethal predator with unique and deadly skills like superhuman speed, a tendril used to grapple around the game world, special charge and distance attacks, and more.” You will be an “extremely rare zombie mutation, the night hunter is an agile, fast and dangerous enemy who emerges nocturnally in order to prevent the destruction of Hives by killing humans,” according to the release. As of right now I’m staying optimistic about the game, you can checkout the pre-order bonuses and exact details and screens on the official product page of Amazon below.
more info: amazon/dyinglight