Fans should be very excited to get back into ‘Downtown Abbey’, the fourth season promises all of the drama and snarky remarks that has made the series so popular in the past, with the addition of some new characters. The fourth season trailer was released earlier today from PBS Masterpiece Theater, you can watch that trailer above.
As for the trailer, it is the first international trailer shown for the series. The show has won-over critics and viewers alike for the last three season and even picked up an Emmy Nomination for its efforts. Fans do have a bit of a wait for the fourth season though, the series won’t return until this winter (January 5 on PBS). The popular show is from writer and creator Julian Fellowes.
If you still need to catch up you can watch 16 episodes from Hulu below, or you can watch all of the season with Amazon Prime (which is truly fantastic) or get a free trial of Amazon Prime for a month and watch them all that way. THe choice is yours!
watch online: hulu, amazon/downtonabbey