The ChAIR Entertainment Group, the same team that brought you the award-winning ‘Infinity Blade’ series for mobile games, is putting out a novel based on the series and it’s doing very well. ChAIR brought the sword-fighting adventure to iOS and quickly became one of the best selling games of all-time on the Apple App Store.
Infinity-Blade-Redemption-Insert“Infinity Blade” received several Game of the Year and Editor’s Choice Awards in 2010 and was followed up with “Infinity Blade II”. That title has won more than 20 Game of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards as well. This book is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes. Books must be read on an iOS device so this an exclusive of sorts.
The official description of the book is as follows, “Long months have passed since Siris and the God King, enemies betrayed together, were left to rot in the prison at the Vault of Tears. Their true enemy – the Worker of Secrets, creator of the Infinity Blade itself – now reigns. Upon finally obtaining freedom, Siris must unravel plots that seem to make no sense, lead a rebellion with no direction, and fight against the division within his very heart. The secrets unraveled will dig backward in time toward the origins of the Deathless and the true nature of the world itself.”
As stated by the publisher, “This latest tale delves deeper into the fantastical world of Infinity Blade, a world of mystery and intrigue where magic and technology are indistinguishable, and even life and death are not as they seem.”
You can check out the book and pre-order it for yourself for the awesome price of only $2.99 below. The original novel in the series can be found as well.
more info: appstore/infinityblade