Last night was a great night for PS Vita players as Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new lineup of titles that are coming soon to the PS Vita and the PS4. The event was part of SCE’s PAX showcase in Seattle, an annual event that has been evolving into one of the best pre-holiday events for publishers.
PS4-Hardware-InsertAt PAX Sony talked about new titles that are coming to PS Vita and PS4 including the highly anticipated port of Borderlands 2. Also on it’s way is VVVVVV, Cosmic Star Heroine, Samurai Gunn and a few other noteworthy titles. Gearbox’s open-world loot-and-shoot will hit the PS Vita in 2014 according to SCE, who made the announcement late last night. Terry Cavanagh’s popular indie VVVVVV was a surprise, but very welcomed announcement as well, there was no release date given for that title at this time. That game will be published by Nicalis, an announcement will on a release date will be released at a later time.
The other titles ‘Samurai Gunn’ and ‘Road Not Taken’ will also hit the PS Vita and the PS4, Divekick is now a confirmed launch title as well. All of these games are playable on the PS4 and the PS Vita, something that SCE wants to make a standard for games moving forward to take advantage of the PS Vita’s improved ‘Remote Play’ functions.
Double Fine Productions is currently making new downloadable content for PS4’s The Playroom, but more information will be released on that software at a later date as well. Also announced was Zeboyd Games’ new game ‘Cosmic Star Heroine’, a multi-platform title that is coming to PS4, PS Vita, PC and Mac.
Adam Boyes introduced the ‘Third Party Productions’ department for Playstation. This is part of Sony’s dedication to indie games, and allows the company to to work closely with publishing partners and bring new IPs to Sony players. Iron Galaxy Studios is part of this project, the company bringing PS Vita’s Borderlands 2 title from Gearbox Studios.
All of this comes as Sony reduced the price of the PS Vita to just $199 for the wifi only model. The PS Vita and PS4 are being designed to work in tandem as much as possible, allowing players to access content remotely as often as possible. More information on the price-drop and PS4 launch details can be found below.
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