Over the past few weeks most reports have been pointing out the differences in the two rival next-generation consoles, but the two do share some common features. It was already confirmed that the PS4 will have the ability to purchase, and download, games while you are away from you home, but it was confirmed this morning that the Xbox One will also share that feature.
In a reply on his personal Twitter, Marc Whitten stated, “Yes! Of course you can download while you are away. #xboxone – Always up to date, always your console. The beauty of low power mode!”. Having access to your media while away from the actual console is a big push for the companies, both will allow customers to browse, buy, download and update media while away from home.
Going into the fall both consoles are running low on supply, it will only get harder and harder to find a console for the holiday season. Best bets still are Amazon, which are offering pre-orders on both consoles and filling orders as the units come in, after launch of course.
Sony and Microsoft have a number of console options and prices to choose from, you can check out the full list of both consoles and their included games, pricing and features on the official Amazon Games page below.
more info: amazon/next-gen