Microsoft has already stated that the voice-chat system in the new Xbox One console will be far superior to the one used today in the Xbox 360, but now the company is ready to prove it. Microsoft frontman Larry (Major Nelson) Hyrb, took to the internet to display the new voice-chat feature, and even offered a new side-by-side comparison so you can hear the difference for yourself.
Now there isn’t a long clip for you to listen and compare, but the quality should be obvious right away. The technology used in the upgrade comes from Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype. Using the Skype audio codecs and experience with voice-chat, the software side of the upgrade is pretty easy to understand.
Technically speaking, there is also a dramatic improvement to the hardware used in the Xbox One, when compared to the Xbox 360. Hyrb states that the, “Xbox One wireless controller’s new expansion port dramatically expands the data transfer rate between the controller and console.” This allows audio to be rendered and recorded in 24 KHz PCM. That is leaps and bounds over the 360’s capability today. Skype will be a standard feature on the Xbox One, and the Xbox One headset will be bundled in each console option. Take a listen for yourself below.

more info on console options and pricing can be found: amazon/xboxone