‘The Price of Salt’ is a bestselling novel written by Patricia Highsmith, the film adaptation called ‘Carol’ has just signed Rooney Mara to the cast. Originally Mia Wasikowska was cast in the role, Mara will take her place and star alongside Cate Blanchett.
Rooney-Mara-InsertThe screenplay was written by Phyllis Nagy (“Mrs. Harris”) and the project will be directed by Todd Haynes (“I’m Not There”). The story follows two women, unalike in almost every way, and will detail the trials and tribulations that are involved in their very separate romantic dealings. The story is set in 1950s New York.
The different characters lead wo lonely lives, though one is unhappily married and the other is a young girl who works in a department store, both dreaming of a more passionate life. The film is being produced by Number 9 Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley. Christine Vachon’s Killer Films will co-produce the project.
The book was very well received, you can find more information on the original novel by checking out the official product listing on Amazon below.
more info: amazon/thepriceofsalt