It seems that Alec Baldwin has once again been involved in an unpleasant moment with a photographer, though it is unclear at this point who is at fault. It’s no secret that the New York paparazzi give Alec a hard time in order to get a reaction, but this time someone took it a little too far.
Alec-Baldwin-Fight-2-InsertBaldwin has had a lot going on int he last few weeks, he is a new father after all, but today he made headlines for his confrontation with freelance photographer Paul Adao. According to the images published by Splash News Baldwin is holding Adao against the hood of a car. The Daily News is stating that this is unmarked police car, though that has yet to be confirmed.
According to the reports, Baldwin was being followed by several photographers in his neighborhood of Greenwich Village, he was with his wife, Hilaria, at the time. Baldwin’s team has yet to respond to the story. At the scene, police officers spoke with Baldwin and Adao, they both admitted to pushing but no charges were filed, this according to TMZ.
It was just last June that Baldwin called out the Daily Mail reporter George Stark, who did in fact incorrectly report that Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, had been tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini (in fact the Tweets were stamped with a local time zone, not the actual one, a mistake Stark won’t be making again).
The press does push buttons here in New York, and a new father is going to be protective of his wife and new-mother when she is being followed and harassed for pictures. Whatever the reason, no one seems to have been hurt, and no charges were followed and that’s the best outcome for the situation.