The pilot episode for ‘Mom’ will premiere on September 23, but you can catch up on the highly anticipated premiere below. Fans jumped at the idea of Emmy Award winner Allison Janney’s return to television, and Harris has acquired quite a following herself with films like ‘The House Bunny’, ‘I Give It a Year’ and her voice work in ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ and the Chipmunk sequel.
In the pilot viewers will meet Christy (Faris) who is a newly sober single mother, just trying to get her life together. It’s at this low-point in her life that her estranged mother, Bonnie (Janney), comes back into the picture.
The show has executive producer Chuck Lorre behind it, and Christy is described as, “a waitress at a posh Napa Valley establishment who is four months clean and doing her best to be a good mom and overcome a history of questionable choices.” Janney plays Bonnie, who is also a recovering alcoholic. Bonnie appears, “chock-full of passive-aggressive insights into Christy’s many mistakes,” according to the show’s official statements. Bonnie joins Christy’s already complicated circle of relationships: her handsome, married boss – and lover – Gabriel; the restaurant’s hot-tempered chef, Rudy; her pretty, 16-going-on-25-year-old daughter, Violet; her sweet but overly honest son, Roscoe; her irresponsible ex and Roscoe’s father, Baxter; and Violet’s clueless boyfriend, Luke. Christy tries to remain positive as she pursues her new path in life, but she faces an uphill battle, surrounded by a dubious support system – and a copious amount of dysfunction.
The show’s cast includes Anna Faris (Christy), Allison Janney (Bonnie), Nate Corddry (Gabriel), Matt Jones (Baxter), Sadie Calvano (Violet), Blake Garrett Rosenthal (Roscoe), Spencer Daniels (Luke), French Stewart (Chef Rudy). The guest cast includes David de Lautour (Greg), Courtney Henggeler (Claudia), Reggie De Leon (Paul), Duane Shepard, Sr. (Al), written by: Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky and Gemma Baker.