Panda-Cub-First-LookA two-day old panda cub looking happy as a clam during a routine examination has enough karma-fuel to soar across any social network, that’s why you should expect to see the little panda everywhere you look this week. The panda was born in right here in our National Zoo to giant panda Mei Xiang,
The giant panda Mei Xiang brought another cub into the world late Friday evening, though it has been kept under observation and away from the public since then. Now it seems that the little cub was born for the camera, and the picture is everywhere you look today.
The examination was a routine procedure, attended by members of the official animal care staff last Sunday,. Zoo officials delighted reporters when they announced, “The cub is robust, fully formed, and is a bright, healthy shade of pink.” This was the result of artificial insemination, Mei Xiang had difficulty breeding the male panda Tian Tian. The giant panda and mother will be together again, though both will be under careful watch as the cub grows.