If you were lucky enough to score a Google Chromecast before they sold out, you can now pick up an iOS app that will make streaming content easier than ever. Recently added to the iOS app-store, the new app lets you set up and manage your Chromecast device, you will need this in order to stream content efficiently from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
If you had an iOS device before the app, you had to use another system in order to configure Chromecast. There was already a Chromecast Android app from Google, and this is basically the exact same thing but made for iOS devices. The new app is available via the iTunes store below.
If you still haven’t picked up a Chromecast (you really should) they are sold online, though you can order one on Amazon below and it will ship the moment it is restocked. Might be a good idea to just go ahead and add yourself to the list now.
more info: itunes, amazon/chromecast