Kate-Gosselin-InsertRemember these two? Odds are if you do remember the formerly famous reality-duo then your last memories of them were not too fond. Kate has now filed a lawsuit that is accusing her ex-husband, Jon, of both stealing her hard drive and also hacking into her personal phone and computer in order to get material for his tell-all book about the reality star and her rise to fame.
According to the federal lawsuit, it states that Jon allegedly stole material from the devices above in order to write his book called “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.” The actual suit was filed today (Monday) in Philadelphia. According to the document, it states that the book was written by Jon’s friend, a tabloid writer named Robert Hoffman. The book has been removed from the giant-publisher Amazon because the material was obtained illegally.
America knew the couple from “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” a simple story of life with their twins and sextuplet children, then the two separated in 2009 and later divorced. TLC kept the show and rebranded it ‘Kate Plus Eight’.