Sharing photos is a standard practice nowadays, though more and more people are still looking for the best way to do so, while maintaining a sense of security and overall privacy. Since Facebook is the largest social-networking service on the planet, it only makes sense to start there.
Facebook announced today (Monday) that it has added shared photo albums, this feature will allow multiple users across Facebook to add images to the same album. This is perfect for weddings, birthdays, projects, pretty much anything that multiple cameras and services are used. Using the album creator, users can grant access to as many as 50 “contributors,” each can add up to 200 photos.
The service will begin rolling out over the next few weeks, though some users may be able to start using it now. Eventually everyone will be able to use the photo-album sharing feature and the world will be an even smaller place than it is right now.
Tell us if you think the feature will be highly used, or if you thought of another great instance that it would come in handy.