It’s without a doubt one of the best pre-order bonuses of all time, and you can only get it at Amazon. The official launch trailer for Madden 25 has been released by EA, meaning the game is just around the corner. For those of you that are interested in the game, which according to our polls is almost every reader in our games dept., you should check out upgrading to the pre-order bundle and cashing in on the DirectTV package.
If you pre-order the Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition, you not only pick up a 17 week Madden Ultimate Team pack subscription, you get the exclusive offers for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. Each Anniversary Edition includes a special code for eligible gamers giving them the opportunity to unlock a special, 2013 regular season (17 weeks) trial of NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices. Amazon adds, “For fans who are able to receive DirecTV service, a special promo code will be included entitling them to an exclusive promotion, including $10 off per month for their first year of service, and one year of NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.”
Now that’s a lot of legal, but the deal is sound. It’s one of the best ways that you can pick up the goods and get the game at the same time. You will have to act fast, the game comes out on August 27, 2013.
more info: amazon/madden25edition