Unlike some of the more recent ‘tweaking’ updates that have hit Google’s Chrome browser lately, 30 introduces a long list of improvements and features. One of the easiest features to notice is the new right-click image search option, making search by image faster and simpler than it was before.

For Android users, there are a few new gesture controls that you should learn, though most just tighten the controls to avoid those mistaken inputs. Gestures are now performed within the top toolbar, you simply swipe left or right to move between tabs, or down from the center to choose from the tab-selection. A simple swipe from the upper right-hand corner will now open the menu.

Behind the scenes is where most of the action is happening, this applies to both mobile and desktop users. Android OS now have WebGL, MediaSource API and DeviceMotion support for their devices. New APIs within the Chrome App framework add in-app payment options and downloads. WebRTC, speech recognition and other tidbits have been added as well. You can check out the official post below for all of the minor details and settings.

more info: chrome(1), chrome(2)