BradyGAMES has been the staple strategy guide provider for a while now, their latest installment is for Deep Silver’s open-world adventure ‘Saints Row IV’. Since this game is the perfect choice for a strategy guide, we got our hands on a few copies and wanted to share our thoughts, and collection.
Open-world games are designed to keep you searching, uncovering and exploring, and Saints Row IV has the most collectables, side-missions and unlocks than any other game in the franchise. While you are taking a break from saving the world against an Alien invasion, some of the best super-powers, weapon upgrades and customizable items can be found in the farthest corners of the game.
Personally I love strategy guides, I love reading them, using them, and just having them around to checkout even when I’m not playing. I don’t think anything can replace having a physical copy on-hand when I’m attempting to 100% a lengthy title like Saints Row IV, (which will take you a very, very long time by the way).
First of all let’s talk free stuff, the Signature Series guide actually comes with free DLC. So besides having the guide to help you along, giving you a ton of insight on the new game, you also get a code to download the BG-40 Weapon (with skins DLC included) just for having the guide. The most important part of any guide though is the walkthrough, and BradyGAMES has once again put together a terrific collection of screens, graphics and full-page layouts to get you through the game in any fashion that you prefer. Inside you will find detailed maps that layout interiors and exteriors, you can find every vehicle and every weapon in the game, and of course you will also find every challenge, enemy-type, Achievement or Trophy.
Even if you have never bought a guide before, ‘The Saints Row IV’ is a little different than other titles that you may have played in the past when compared to the scope of the game. There are 1,255 in-game collectibles hidden within this game. That’s an insane amount of goodies that you can acquire, though it does fit the ‘Saints Row’ attitude of going overboard whenever possible.
Outside of just the achievements, and unlocks, there are also really interesting (and oftentimes hilarious) moments of the game that you only find when collecting. These are the Audio Logs, the Zin Statue, the Text Adventure, and the Data Clusters. You will need these to create the perfect superhero character options and the book makes it really easy to hunt them down.
Another reason why I enjoy BradyGAMES’ guides, is that you can control spoilers. The walkthrough gives you a preview of what’s to come before just laying everything out on one website or page. This allows you to use the guide as a companion, not a storyline ruining device. I know that ‘The Saints Row’ isn’t exactly known for its epic stories, but I don’t want a guide that just holds my hand at every moment of the game when I can handle some parts on my own. BradyGAMES has always been good about that, and Saints Row IV is no exception.

Saints Row IV is available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Saints Row IV Signature Series Strategy Guide is actually on sale to celebrate the launch of the game, you can pick it up on Amazon below for a limited time promotional price, as well as the new game from Deep Silver.
more info on both: amazon/saintsrow4
, amazon/saintsrow4strategyguide