EA had some big announcements at GamesCom 2013 this year, and to celebrate the publisher is clearing house with a storewide sale on games. During these dry, summer-days it’s the perfect time to pick up a game or two that you may have missed, and Origin has a ton of them on sale.
There are some games that marked down by 70%, just dollars for games that you could add to your growing library of entertainment. These include Tomb Raider and Battlefield 3, even games like The Sims 3 went under the knife for the sale.
If you still wanted to pick up Battlefield 3 Premium that’s been cut, so has the Mass Effect Trilogy and the giant title that is Crysis 3. For many games you can even pick up the DLC packs for next to nothing. Better act fast though, the sale will only last from today until August 27, 2013.
more info and pricing: origin