Anna-Kendrick-GQ-InsertAnna Kendrick fans can get an eyeful of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ star as she takes the spot for one of the best covers of the year for Magazine’s, the September issue. Anna Kendrick goes through the usual GQ questions, jumping from her actual career to her personal life, to her luck with dates. In the article the actor states that has a few hangups about first-dates with the guys she pick saying, “Paying on a first date is a tricky thing because even though it’s meaningless, if a guy doesn’t, or doesn’t offer, it suggests poor judgment more than anything else.”
Kendrick is now 28 and looking great on the cover of GQ (shown on the right), the actor has seen a gigantic rise in works lately, her film ‘Pitch Perfect’ was an instant hit and she’s set to star as Cinderella in ‘Into the Woods’, she starred alongside Olivia Wilde in Drinking Buddies and has a handful of films coming out over the next two-years.
In the interview Kendrick states, “If sex is off the table, and you’re like ‘Let’s try to get to know each other,’ I would recommend drinking,” which makes sense after coming off her role in ‘Drinking Buddies’. You can check out the full interview with Kendrick in the new issue of GQ.