Ashley-Greene-InsertIt may a different role than fans are accustomed to seeing Greene play, but the actor has joined the upcoming comedy ‘Staten Island Summer’. The project is part of the Lorne Michaels productions, with Saturday Night Live director and producer Rhys Thomas leading the project.
The script itself was written by SNL head-writer Colin Jost. The film is about a group of high-school graduates that are lifeguards. One of the friends, Frank, will be going to Harvard at the summer’s end. Greene will play a member of the exclusive pool-club, and her father is expected to have ties to the mafia. At some point Greene will no doubt become connected to one of the two lifeguards, but details on the plot are slim at this point.
The movie will filmed right here in New York, ‘Staten Island Summer’ is just the latest of Greene’s projects, the busy actor also landed a role in ‘CBGB’,’Random’ and the new Zach Braff’s Kickstarter project called “Wish I Was Here’.