It’s a shame, but people often use the instant connections to childhood stars as a way to get to know every detail of their personal life. Some would say it’s the price of fame, but 19 year-old Lucas Cruikshank finally gave in and proudly came out on his YouTube channel.
Most people know Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn, he was made famous on YouTube in 2008 and quickly snatched up by Nickelodeon and had his own show and movie. Earlier today Lucas Cruikshank came out to his fans, after he had been asked about his sexuality countless times. “I’m gay,” young Cruikshank stated, “It feels so weird to say it on camera.”
The videos that Cruikshank created were always, “Fred….” followed by a random act or trip. That segment has acquired over 2 million subscribers over the years and almost 1 billion views. The video called “Are You Gay?!?” was posted on his personal YouTube video, but he did say it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knew him personally, for they already knew. Although it’s great that Cruikshank has the confidence and the support to be himself, it’s a shame that he eventually had to answer the question because people wouldn’t drop it.