In what is turning out to be one of the hottest casts in Hollywood, Rachel McAdams is set to star in Every Thing Will Be Fine’ with non-other than James Franco. The new project from Wim Wenders, will be a drama in which Franco is set to star as troubled man who was responsible for the death of a younger boy.
Rachel-Mcadams-InsertDetails on the film are slim as the project is still in early development stages at this time. As of right now Charlotte Gainsbourg has been cast to play the mother of the boy who dies, Franco’s character is responsible for this death and is overwhelmed with guilt in the process. The boy’s brother will be played by Robert Naylor. The brother tries to contact Franco’s characters just ten years after the accident that caused his brother’s death.
Franco’s character becomes quite a successful writer after he began his career to deal with the guilt of the incident, it’s at this time that the victims family comes back into his life. McAdams is set to to play Franco’s girlfriend in the film. More information on the cast, plot and other details of the film will be released as we get closer to production.