Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is just days from launching, and for some this may be their first trip into an MMO. For other players this may be just another step in their long history of MMOs, but for those players we still recommend the video for the terrific gameplay moments that the tutorial has to offer.
The video goes over the very basic steps of forming a party, and the roles of the party, like finding the tank, DPS, healer and so on. The video was recorded by Square Enix developers, and for those of you that can’t play the game on its highest settings, this is how great the game could look with the right setup. Saying that we highly suggest that you watch the video in HD mode.
If you are new then you can learn a lot about the different classes, the different jobs, and just forming and playing in a party in general. Don’t forget that the game comes in several editions for PS3 and PC, and pre-ordering the game gets you a lot of DLC and early access. You can see pictures and details of the DLC and pre-order the game from authorized sellers like Amazon below.
more info: amazon/finalfantasyxiv