The film ‘Mean Girls’ might be a little long in the tooth, but there is a whole new generation of tweens and teens that are watching it for the first time. It’s like ‘Heathers,’ a movie I still insist everyone watch to this day and not because it was in any means an important film for the archives.
With that in mind, there is little YouTube user CararoseDP99, who has some very nice pipes and a talent for editing videos. Little Cararose made her own version of “Hello!” from the incredibly popular Broadway musical ‘The Book of Mormon’ and mixed it together with a little ‘Mean Girls’ for something truly original.
The clip features the infamous “Burn Book,” which in this case takes, the place of the Book of Mormon. Like Mean Girls or not, the girl has talent and courage, something that every little girl should be praised for. Even if she didn’t know that we only wear pink on Wednesdays.