I gave Guacamelee! a glowing review when it first launched back in April. It was not only an awesome game, but one of the best values out there with the player receiving both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game for a cool $15.
Now PC gamers can enjoy the adventures of Juan Aguacate, the humble agave farmer turned super-powered luchadore. Guacamelee! Gold Edition has launched on Steam, and along with the full game, Steam users will also receive a variety of other perks.
Guacamelee! Gold Edition Image 13
I won’t spend too much time on the game itself; the gameplay is unchanged from the PS3/Vita version. If you’ve never played the game and want details, you can check out our review right here. All I’m really going to do is point out the additions of the Steam version and let you make your choice on which version you choose to get.
With the Steam version, you get the addition of the “El Infierno” level expansion, which are a series of challenges set in the Devil’s domain. You also get all the DLC costume packs which, in addition to changing the appearance of the characters, also change the abilities as well.

Perhaps the best additions are the Steam specific extras. Guacamelee! Gold Edition has fully integrated Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Cloud Saves, Big Picture Mode, and Steam Trading Card (if you’re into collecting those). You also get drop in/out 2-player local co-op, 1080p at 60 fps, a customizable in-game keyboard, and controller support. Not too shabby when you consider that the Gold Edition is going for the same price as the original PS3/Vita version.
And then there’s the Steam Workshop integration. If you were the type of person that sank hours into creating your own levels in something like Tony Hawk 2, Halo’s Forge, or any of the Trials games, then the Gold Edition has a little something for you. Via the Steam Workshop and using an external editor (Adobe Flash) and a custom tool, players can modify character skins and upload them to Steam to share with everyone else. Sure it’s not as in-depth as a full creation suite, but it certainly is a nice little option for those that like to craft their own costumes.
Guacamelee! Gold Edition Image 11
The Gold Edition is an excellent value as you get quite a bit of content for $14.99. The biggest downside? The fact that the PS3 version has all the “cross” functionality with the Vita. Obviously if you don’t own a Vita, then the Gold Edition is a no-brainer, but I do own a Vita, and having the ability to take my game on the go and continue off my last save is really, REALLY convenient. It will probably end up being the version I continue to play (especially since I’ve already completed the game once and am playing through a second time), but man; the Gold Edition sure has a lot of content, and it looks great.
If you passed up this game the first time or don’t have a PS3/Vita, then do yourself a favor and prepare to laugh your butt off!