There is no shortage of media-converters and YouTube downloaders on the internet. Though many of these applications are riddled with ads or only offer a few of the services that you need, causing you to require a series of apps working in tandem in order to complete your tasks. Even the ‘pro’ version of most media-converters are filled with bugs, have no support, or are too clunky and memory-exhausting to use that often.
I work with a lot of videos from all over the world, some user-generated and some sent from Public Relation services, and they are sent in every media-format imaginable. Though there are a lot of converters and media players that will allow me to watch these videos, I also needed something that will allow me to save YouTube files from fans, or to record my own screens or walkthroughs. I wanted just one-application to do everything I needed, and I wanted it to have a clean Mac-centric UI and I wanted it to be light-enough that I could let it run in the background while I worked on other projects or handle multiple videos. To do this, you could use several different popular programs, or you could just download MacX Converter Pro and be done with it.
I am happy to report that the software is truly an “all-in-one video converter software Package”, a term that seems to get thrown around a lot lately. The software allows you to easily convert video, download video, make photo slideshows, record screens, edit videos and more. Here at the office we use Final Cut Pro to edit our interviews with actors, producers and game-developers or for our special-events, but that’s not exactly user-friendly for the average home (not to mention the $299 price-tag that it usually comes with). It’s also really extensive, Final Cut Pro is designed to handle large-scale, professional editing, and if you just want to make some quick edits to a series of videos for YouTube, then you might want something smaller, and faster.
Inside MacX are over 320 video codecs and more than 50 audio codecs, so you can convert HD & SD videos in practically any format. In fact, after working with the software for the past week, I haven’t had any instances of a video not working. It’s a great way to convert videos to mobile-devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, HTC, WP8, PSP or the Microsoft Surface for example as well. It’s just simple, fast and reliable, and that’s something that I must have when working with paid-software.
The YouTube Downloader isn’t exactly sponsored by Google, since YouTube really only allows you to download your own content. There are extensions that can do this for you, but often times those work for about a week before Google cuts them down, or removes them from the Extension store and blocks them from Chrome. They can also be tiresome, many working with software that needs to load, is bulky or just poorly designed.
Downloading YouTube files is extremely easy and there are some great Pro-tools that you can use with the software. Just by copying the URL and clicking the ‘Paste’ button in the software, you get a list of all the available resolutions that you can choose to download the video (that’s really all it takes). You can set up a proxy if you like, and download the files in popular formats like .mp4 or FLV and other top-choices. Downloading and converting is just as easy as well, you can just click ‘Add to Convert List’ at the Download confirmation page and the whole process is automated for you (it can even clean-up and delete the original files, then close the program when it’s done). The videos that you record can also be easily, and instantly, uploaded to YouTube or other social media sites straight from the application.
Converting video is just as simple, with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, it’s a beautiful UI and it’s inline with any standard Mac Application that you may be using now. To record video from your webcam is just a push of a button, all done with seamless animation and a custom-clean design. The Screen Recorder is an awesome feature that isn’t available with other top-tier programs. It’s perfect for anyone that does gameplay-videos, walkthroughs, tutorials and other user-generated videos that require screen-recordings. The slideshow feature works like the rest of the programs, dragging files into the player is basically the only step that you need to do, the rest is automated with simple buttons and options to customize your slideshow. Special features like being able to clip videos, crop frame sizes or merge separate videos into a new one is easy and highly reliable. Being able to add watermarks is a must for any brand and the program does it in just moments. The video converter software for Mac also supports Blu-ray and MKV inner subtitle tracks, so you can add downloaded subtitles in AAS/SRT format to your video sources as well.
Normally the software costs about $49, which can be a large sum for some users, though the company is having a special promotion and it’s on sale for just $34. I’ve seen (bought and used) other software that did some, or close to all of the features I’ve listed above but none of them are as clean, fast, and robust as MacX Pro. It’s easily one of the best programs that you can use if you find yourself converting or downloading a lot of videos. Everything about the application screams Professional, and that is who the software is marketed to, if you are in the category I highly recommend you test it out for yourself (which is free).
more info can be found: macxdvd