JoAnna Garcia, you may remember her from ‘Reba’, has been cast as the little mermaid for the third season of ABC’s hit series ‘Once Upon A Time’. Fans have been very excited to learn about the casting choice for the famous mermaid, since the character was confirmed during Comic-Con.
Joanne-Garcia-InsertThe new season is just weeks away, set to debut on ABC on September 29, 2013. The teaser trailer that you see above was released during the expo last June. As it stands right now, Garcia will appear in two-episodes minimum, more details about her story-arch will be revealed as we get closer to the premiere.
In all Once Upon a Time casting’s, the characters are usually slightly different then you remember, Peter-Pan being one of the most feared bandits in the land, for just one example. The news comes just a few weeks after ABC confirmed the role of Tinker Bell went to Rose McIver.
All of your questions and dreams will be answered this September when the show returns, and you have ‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’ to look forward to as well this year.
Talking about the casting choice around the office after we confirmed the news, we were surprised that ‘Ariel’ will be older (we expected a bratty teen) let us know what you think of the casting choice below in the comments.