It’s one of the growing trends in America, people using older photos or stolen personal information to blackmail the rising number of reality stars and actors that catch a break. Currently the FBI is investigating new allegations that point to a person, or persons, that is blackmailing the newly crowned Miss Teen USA with illicit photos.
Cassidy-Wolf-Teen-USA-InsertBefore you get on your high-horse and say that she should never have taken these pictures, this case is a little different then some in the past. The reports state that she wasn’t even aware of the photos, in this case someone hacked into a webcam owned by the teen, in an attempt to catch her nude and extort the images. The images taken were then used as blackmail for the teen to pose nude for the hacker, who would probably then use those pictures to sell to media or to leverage cash.
Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Los Angeles, said in a report Friday that he FBI believes that they have traced the hacker(s). No arrest has been made at this time however. The young woman at the center of all of this is just 19, her name is Cassidy Wolf, and she only won the Miss Teen USA crown this past Saturday and already she has been targeted by scams and blackmail.
Fans and parents want to take the incident to applause Wolf for stepping forward (it’s very rare that a victim comes forward in these cases) and the Teen Queen told NBC’s Today Show that she wants to use the incident to teach other teens that going to the police should be a top-priority.