It’s something that many Americans have been hoping for, and something that many networks have been dreaming of, a way to get content to viewers without having to go through cable providers. One of the largest, and most proactive networks in the industry, Viacom, is nearing a deal with Sony that will allow content to be streamed straight to devices.
According to multiple reports, Sony will launch a new online program that will directly go after cable and satellite providers in the United States and abroad. The most obvious channel for this content will be the new PS4, which is scheduled to launch in November.
This internet service might have some competition, with Google, Intel and other markets trying to find a way to bring TV content to users that have ‘cut the cord’ with cable, and moved on to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Sony has a few major advantages though, the company owns a giant music library, and a large movie studio, so adding television content to Sony’s ‘Unlimited’ services would be fairly straightforward. Also, since Sony also has VAIO computers, tablets and the PS3 and PS4, it would be easy for the company to make the content exclusive to their devices and still offer a wide-array of content options.
The Wall Street Journal was one of the first to report the deal, though neither Sony nor Viacom has confirmed anything at this point, if all goes well you can expect Sony to launch content from other companies as well including Walt Disney. Networks fearing the decline in subscriptions could jump on board if Viacom (Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and VH1) join, that could mean Time Warner, CBS, FOX and other networks would be all but forced to join in on the internet revolution to take advantage of the large demographic.
more info on PS4: amazon/ps4