Genius has just introduced the Cam Mouse, a new device that is a combination of a Camera and a Mouse to help you organize, capture and share content. The camera can instantly upload pictures to your computer, then seamlessly switch between mouse and camera functions. As Genius explains, “the Cam Mouse is a fast and convenient way for students to share notes while studying or for business professionals to effortlessly scan and transmit documents.”
The Cam Mouse has the ability to transform from a regular mouse to a camera that takes pictures and videos. The ability to have a camera ready when needed is great for situations when you have a teacher who is about to erase some valuable notes off the board, or if a presenter in a meeting switches slides too quickly. It all works after you install the included software and drivers, then you are ready to go. Just slide the camera lens and the Cam Mouse is ready to take pictures and record videos. The Smart Capture button for taking snapshots is intuitively placed on the right side, just like on regular cameras.
The Cam Mouse software lets users easily upload to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Youtube. The combination to instantly upload pictures and videos to the computer and its social media integration means that users can share their world around them — in an instant.
The Genius BlueEye sensor provides superb tracking and accuracy on virtually any surface including dusted glass, marble or thick carpet. The scroll wheel can be pressed down for free-scrolling or can be used to easily navigate long webpages or documents.
Cam Mouse allows users to create memorable moments with friends and family that are far away. This device is compatible with all voice and video chat applications such as Skype and Google chat. The QR code scanning function lets users navigate to websites on the spot, and is great for browsing magazines. The Cam Mouse is currently available for the suggested retail price of $34.99.
Technical Specifications: (Interface Support: USB, Number of Buttons: Four (left, right, middle button with scroll, snapshot) Resolution: 1200 dpi BlueEye sensor)