The Minuum keyboard was something that I found intriguing, so a few months ago I became a backer on Indiegogo and entered the beta program. I was extremely impressed with my initial time with Minuum (which you can read about here), but my experience was not without issues.
My chief complaint and one of the main reasons why I switched back to Swiftkey was the lack of a full QWERTY keyboard option for instances when I was typing a password or a word that Minuum did not yet recognize. The latest update, V1.1, remedies this and a few other issues.
Now, when you need a full keyboard, simply long press on the Minuum keyboard with two fingers, and viola! A full keyboard pops up. Repeat the gesture to compact the keyboard once again. It’s quick and painless, and seeing as how I refer to most of my friends by quirky nicknames, I am thrilled to see this added.
Also added are voice typing (slide your finger left+up on the keyboard or simply select the microphone in the full layout), punctuation buttons, added vocabulary data backups (for switching between devices), and additional keyboard layouts.
It’s not 100% perfect, but Minuum is definitely headed in the right direction. I’m now happily using it again as my default keyboard with no issues…yet. The update is now live, but again, the Minuum beta is currently only available for those in the beta program, which means you would have to be an Indiegogo backer.