Pilot episodes are brutal, even if you go back and watch the Pilot for Friends you can’t imagine his show ever making it past four episodes. Hulu’s newest weapon in the ‘exclusive wars’ against other online-video providers is a comedy called ‘Quick Draw’. If you haven’t seen it yet, or didn’t make it past the first 15 minutes, then you need to read on.
The show stars John Lehr as newly appointed sheriff John Henry Hoyle. At first he comes across as a little naive and slightly dimwitted to the laws of the wild west, and also a bit of a social outcast. He’s all-together unlikeable and a little annoying at first, from his whiney voice to his overstated emotions, you have to give him time. Imagine if you saw the seventh episode of Scrubs, J.D. would be pretty annoying as well and if you stuck through it, odds are, you would love him. Later on you learn that John Hoyle went to Harvard, is an extremely skilled marksman (thanks to the Harvard Gun Club) and is quite the sleuth. He becomes a fairly capable human being, and his qualities really start to shine through and I liked him more and more.
At his side is eye-candy Nick Brown as Deputy Eli Brocias, a kind-hearted, gullible sidekick that is also hot-headed and sometimes racist (sorry Native Americans but it’s also hilarious in the show). Brocias was pretty likeable right away, but it’s when he starts getting angry and frustrated in the following episodes that he starts to really take spotlight.
On the outer edge of the cast surrounding our duo are some truly terrific supporting actors
Bob Clendenin (Cougar Town and million other things) plays the Undertaker Vernon Shank. Clendenin is just as terrific as he always is, playing the mopey and strange onlooker from the sidelines, he always nails his character and he has some terrific scenes with Allison Dunbar (Honey the whore) and Alexia Dox (Pearl).

In the first few episodes Allison and Alexia are mostly just introduced and established, but both seem extremely at ease with their fellow castmates and play of each other really well. The third episode (Mail Order Bride) was the latest released when I wrote this article, and I suggest you watch all three up until then, because it gets really great. This episode was perfect for Brocias to become the hot-headed racist that he needed to be, and Sheriff Hoyle tones everything down since the other characters are o irate, missing, or jailed. This is when the show really finds it balance, when Hoyle tones it down and the other characters step it up.
So far there are 8 episodes in the series, three of which have already been released. If you only made through part of one-episode or just one, give it another chance and take a breath. I think you will be presently surprised.
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