Fans of the hit Netflix series ‘Orange is the New Black’ will have to say goodbye to Laura Prepon. It’s unclear if she will ever come back (we hope so) but the series won’t write her off completely and crush any chance of her returning.
Laura-Prepon-InsertYou will still get to see Laura on the show in Season 2, the series will wrap her story-arch and she will have some sort of exit. Fans of the series instantly loved Laura’s character on the show, and she has been receiving terrific reviews for her work on the series so far.
As it stands right now, Laura has no contract to return for season 3, though that could change at a later date. This means that Alex and Piper (played Taylor Schilling) will have to come to some sort of resolution with their relationship on the series. This was quite a stretch for Prepon, whi is best known for her portrayal of the ‘girl next store’ Donna on Fox’s That 70s Show.
Orange is the New Black is Netflix’s breakout show at the moment, created by Jenji Kohan (Weeds). The series was based on the memoir written by Piper Kerman though it at times the series strays pretty far from the book. Kohan has taken many liberties with Kerman’s real story, however — including the Piper and Alex characters reuniting in prison.
More information will be released as Season 2 began filming, the series will start production right here in New York this coming July.