Readers that use Flipboard (and you should because it’s terrific) should be happy to see that GIFs will now be included in the interface, allowing an even more vibrant display for your stories. All of this is included in the latest iOS update.
The app update should be available to everyone, and will allow users to see the GIF in motion without having to jump to a website to see it moving. This just the latest addition to the magazine app, to make the service a bit more closed-off from link-jumping but still offer all the same great content that you can find every time you use.
The new features include”Top Stories in U.S. News, Business, Tech and Sports”. The first seven stories in these sections reflect the leading news right now; continue to flip for more news of the day or to catch up on previous days’ events. Also if you’ve created more than two magazines, your magazines get a “pagebox” on the fourth page. The avatar in this box is now tappable, creating a quick jump to the curator’s profile page, which has an overview of all of his or her curation activities.
There isn’t an exact time when the new update will be available but you we will of course update our readers on social-media when it occurs. If you are a Flipboard user, we have two magazines on the site. Our daily magazine with all of our top stories, and a weekend magazine that gets updated every Sunday with just the most-shared items of the week for you to enjoy. You can check out both of the editions below.
more info: flipboard (1), flipboard (2)