Christian-Bale-InsertActor Christian Bale will be taking on a very different role in this upcoming film, he has been cast as Moses, in the Bible-inspired movie by Ridley Scott named ‘Exodus’. The story is based on the same book of the Bible, when Moses freed the Israelites from the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses. In this case the pharaoh will be played by Joel Edgerton.
It is unclear if the film will be the entire life of Moses, as it is in the Bible, or just the selections at the end of the book of Exodus. In the past books and films have done the entire life of Moses, while others focus solely on Moses freeing the slaves. The scheduled locations for the film right now have locations scattered throughout the world, including England, Spain and Morocco. If the schedule is accurate then production will begin this fall, with a release date planned for December 2014.
The last A-list actor promised to take on a Biblical role was Russell Crowe, he will be playing the role of Noah, that film will be directed by Darren Aronofsky. More details on the plot, timeline and cast of the film will be revealed as we get closer to production.