Lady Gaga just came back after taking time off in the shadows to recover from her hip surgery, just days before her single ‘Applause’ was set to release it was leaked online causing the record-label to release the track early. This “Pop Emergency” as Gaga put it, dropped the single right on top of Katy Perry’s new single for ‘Roar’.
GaGa-V-CoverNow Gaga is gearing up for the album’s November 11th release date, and she took to ‘V’ magazine to talk about the latest turn of events that have transpired. and to promote the upcoming album. Gaga is surely to drum-up some attention with her new magazine spread in V magazine. There is an interview inside the new issue, that has a topless Gaga dressed in a black-wig and cropped jacket. Inside you will also find Gaga shining in just a white tank top.
The GIF of the “Applause” cover that she created was released Wednesday to stir up fans for the release. The duet Gaga recorded with Cher was a complete surprise to most of the industry, called “The Greatest Thing,” it was leaked online on Tuesday as well. Cher was not happy about the leak stating on Twitter, “Disappointed (I’ve sat on fkng song 4 over a yr) NOW SOME A–HOLE LEAKS WRONG VERSION! GaGa’s SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.”