Microsoft has confirmed the release date of Windows 8.1, the free update will release on October 18, 2013. If you are a current Windows 8 user then you will have access to the download via the Windows Store on October 17th at 8am ET.
In order to get physical copies, any new hardware, or the full retail release, you will have to wait until October 18th. PC manufacturers and Microsoft partners should be receiving the update within the next few weeks. Microsoft made the announcement earlier this morning on the company’s official blog.
The free release has been a welcomed upgrade to users while in its beta-testing rounds. The return of the ‘Start’ button, improved search, a tweaked UI and improved multitasking are some of the larger features included with the update. As for the new hardware announcements, finalized changes and a full rundown of all the newly created features with the update, you will just have to wait until launch.